The KLO Recognized Business Program (KRBP) is currently in development and is a program that identifies a Business as being located in Kahnawà:ke and considered a local entity for contracting purposes, as well as, providing Community Members with a degree of confidence in the business.  In order to obtain the designation, the business must have the appropriate licenses and/or certification as well as being in good standing with KLO Programs.  This includes the following:

  • KLO “Level 1” Qualification Certificate (as part of the Kahnawà:ke Trades Certification Program – KTCP)
  • In Good Standing with MSI
  • Respects the Occupational Safety and Health Plan
  • Adheres to the Kahnawà:ke Fair Wage in Construction Program (KFWCP)

The goals of the KRBP are as follows:

  • To ensure that the business is known to the Community and its main business address is in Kahnawà:ke.
  • To verify that the Business is registered with MSI and is current with premium payments
  • To certify Kahnawà:ke Businesses/contractors’ standards developed by the Kahnawà:ke Labor Office validating the knowledge and experience of the contractor in the specific trade;
  • To recognize the Business/contractor’s license issued by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (“RBQ”) and other jurisdictions to be specified in a planned equivalence listing to be developed;
  • To ensure that the Business has a Safety Plan/Program and has been consulted and inspected for Safety Practices
  • To ensure that a Business in the Construction Industry implements the KLO Wages and Benefits Plan For Construction Works in the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawà:ke and for all Other Industries, respects the Provincial Minimum Wage Standards (until such time as the KLO adopts Community Developed Standards).

All businesses that have applied for and received a “KLO Level 1 Qualification Certificate” and an “MSI Letter of Good Standing” will be notified that they are eligible to be listed as a “KLO Recognized Business”.  A Recognition Certificate will be issued by the KLO upon the applicant’s successful completion of the process which includes a confirmation by the business to respect the Occupational Safety and Health Plan and abide by the Kahnawà:ke Fair Wage in Construction Program (KFWCP), if applicable.

Please refer to the Contact page for more information: Jeff Morris, Director.