Mohawk Self Insurance Law

Since 1981 Mohawk Self Insurance has been protecting Kahnawà:ke workers who suffer on the job injuries and occupational diseases. In 2014 a landmark agreement between Kahnawà:ke and Quebec made MSI the sole compensation program in the Territory, superseding CNESST. Today, a draft law is being proposed to ensure the health and safety of every worker and protect employers in Kahnawà:ke. We spoke with the administrators about the importance of MSI and an MSI Law on the Territory.


The Kahnawà:ke Labor Office is mandated to govern the direction, development and effectiveness of all labor matters within the Territory of Kahnawà:ke. The KLO intends to define the rules governing construction, compensation for industrial accidents and occupational diseases, and occupational health and safety within the Territory. Construction training, promoting safe working conditions, competency certification and workforce mobility are some of the services provided. Visit the KLO Authority page for more information on the scope and mandate of the KLO.

Scope and Authority

Fair Wages

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