How do I register with MSI?
Come to the Kahnawà:ke Labor office and see the KLO Office Manager and Support. You will be given a registration package that will be explained to you, the company/organization owner will complete the MSI-A form and return it. Once MSI receives your MSI A form your account will be set up and an e-mail will be sent with a $100.00 deposit invoice, an invoice template, a yearly rate letter, MSI Policy and MSI Claim forms. You will be registered upon receipt of your MSI-A form.

Can I sign up for MSI as an independent operator (ex: sole ownership of company, consultant, and single person not with a company/organization)?

How much will I have to pay? What is my rate going to be?
To inquire about the cost of premiums/Rates for your company/organization you can come to the Kahnawà:ke Labor office, call or send an e-mail to the KLO Office Manager and Support(refer  to contact page), who will provide you with an estimate.

How are premiums calculated?
The premiums are calculated by each employees gross salary (before deductions) up to the yearly maximum insurable earnings rate (refer to MSI Yearly Rate chart) times the premium rate (rate based on the company/organization classification). Example: Office employee’s salary $672.00 per week times the office rate 0.50% your premium will cost $ 3.36 per week per employee ($672.00 x 0.50% = $3.36).

What forms do I need to complete to submit a claim and what is the process?
*(This is a re-occurring issue because every employer is different and most do not update employees on the process or they do not have forms at the workplace and employee is scrambling to get the required forms).You would need to complete the MSI-1 (Workers Injury Report) and provide a copy or update to your Employer for their records.  Also, you will need to request from your Employer to have them complete a MSI -2 (Employers Form) and you will also need to bring back with you any medical form from the treating hospital.  If you are being treated in Kahnawake then most physician’s know that the MSI-3 (Physician Report) will need to be completed and sent in to the MSI office.  Otherwise, if you are outside of Kahnawake then most hospitals and/or clinics provide a CNESST Medical Attestation form to the worker.  All forms should be submitted to MSI as soon as possible.

What do I do if I cannot see a physician for an extension or follow-up?
Always verify with your physician if you require a follow-up.  If you require a follow-up make an appointment right after you see your physician.  If for some reason you are unable to get an appointment right away please ensure you get the earliest appointment with your physician available.

What if my Employer does not accept me back to work with my restrictions/limitations?
MSI will try to coordinate a return-to-work with temporary restrictions with your Employer.  Should there be no temporary restrictions with your employer MSI will continue to pay your benefits till consolidated.   Should your Employer not accept you back with any restrictions/limitations (permanent) then MSI will review your file with you and possibly enter into a Labor Market plan.

What if my job is no longer there when I am able to return back to work?
Depending on the type of work and employment contract you have, MSI will review this information with you at that time.

What do I do if the physician does not agree to complete the MSI forms (mainly outside hospitals/clinics)?
MSI accepts any and all medical forms (even CNESST forms). Who pays for MSI? The employer pays for MSI coverage, nothing is to be deducted from the worker’s wages

Where’s my cheque?
If you are on an MSI claim, your weekly indemnity cheque must be picked up in person at the MSI office

Where does the MSI money go?
Any surplus dollars are re-invested into 5 separate reverse funds to cover future claims

What is Council’s cut of the MSI profits?
Council does not receive any dollars whatsoever from MSI surplus or reserve funds