How to find us

The Kahnawà:ke Labor Office is located on the Old Malone Highway at the former Environment Office. Regular hours of operation are weekdays from 8:30am to 4pm.

PO Box 720
Kahnawà:ke Mohawk Territory
Tel: (450) 632-9595
Fax: (450) 638-9974
Emergency 24H: (514) 239-2195

Official Complaints

Although there will be specific complaint processes for each of the functional areas of the KLO, the general process is as follows:

To file a disagreement over a decision or an evaluation made by a KLO Officer, the first point of contact will be the Manager of the Program. This should be submitted using the Contact Form to the right. If you are not satisfied with how the Manager has handled your complaint, an application of review can be made to the KLO Director and the Portfolio Chief for Labor within thirty (30) days from date of receipt of evaluation or decision. This should be submitted as a formal letter. The KLO Director and the Portfolio Chief for Labor will review the application and render a decision without undue delay.

The decision by the KLO Director and the Portfolio Chief for Labor can be appealed to the Administrative Tribunal established through the Kahnawà:ke Justice System.

Until the Kahnawà:ke Justice System is fully implemented and the Administrative Tribunals are operational, a disagreement over a decision should be resolved through the use of a mediation service (such as, but not limited to, the Sken:nen A’onsonton Alternative Dispute Resolution program).

For more information on the specific complaint processes for each of the functional areas of the KLO, please refer to the Policy Documents for each of those areas attached to this web-site.


Oliver Montour, Director – Ext 61552
Occupational Safety, Health and Accident Insurance Manager – Ext 61370
Wahienhawi Horn, Financial Clerk – Ext 61530
Laura Jacobs, Administrative Assistant – Ext 61000
Rasenni’saks Jacobs, Certification and Competency Officer – Ext 61534
Lance Goodleaf, Chief Safety Officer – Ext61528
Iokennoron McComber, Inspector – Ext 61553
Chelsea Phillips-Ross, Financial Office Manager – Ext 61338
Bonnie Prince, Construction, Certification and Fair Wage Manager – Ext 61546
Ashley Oke, MSI Rehabilitation and Benefits Specialist – Ext 61329
TBD, KLO Liaison Officer – See Bonnie Prince – Ext 61546

Contact Form

Please fill out the form below and a KLO representative will get back to you. If you want to submit the form anonymously, please enter “Anonymous” as your name and “” as your email address.