The Kahnawà:ke Labor Office (KLO) mandate is to govern (with the authority and powers) and administer programs, activities, policies, and procedures covering construction, compensation for industrial accidents and occupational diseases, and occupational health and safety on the Territory in addition to implementing and administering the interaction and responsibilities associated with the Kahnawà:ke/Quebec Labor Agreement. The Official Mandate was approved and signed in November 2016.


The mission of the KLO is to make Kahnawà:ke’s workforce the best while ensuring a fair wage, a safe work environment and the proper treatment of injured workers on the Territory.


The vision of the KLO is to make sure that Kahnawà:ke’s Workforce does it better, safer and faster than any other on the planet.


  • Develop a comprehensive process for certification and training of workers and contractors.
  • Develop an improved Fair Wage process and structure.
  • Develop a revised MSI Program that ensures fiscally responsible premium rates, proper treatment of injured workers and a sound financial relationship with
  • Develop a full Occupational Health and Safety Program that includes comprehensive safety standards and safety awareness training and practices in the
  • Develop a Communications/Education Plan for the effective implementation of the Labor Office and Agreement.
  • Develop Law(s) with grievance processes and remedies covering the functional areas of Compensation for Industrial Accidents and Occupational Diseases, Occupational Health and Safety, Construction Training, Competency/Qualifications in Construction, and Work Conditions in Construction including a Fair Wage Process.
  • Develop a process to ensure that all contractors will apply either the Fair Wage Agreement or the Québec equivalence as per the choice of the worker
  • Develop a process to ensure that all Kahnawà:ke workers performing construction work have the choice to join or not to join a union.
  • Develop an approach that addresses the factors that have limited the mobility of Kahnawà:ke workers in gaining employment in Quebec.
  • Develop a long-term approach and process for Workforce Mobility funding by Quebec.

Scope of Authority